OLHOA End-of-Year Message

As we look back to 2022 on our mountain, we are pleased with all our  accomplishments and proud to be board members that helped make it all happen. We believe working as a team with a common goal has been the key to our successes. We took on the duties of the officers position  that best matched our  individual strengths. We exercised a learned management tool  and  agreed that we would help each other in our specific duties, when needed.  We are thriving in our effort in modernizing. In the process, we are learning the ease, convenience and comforts that technology provides. It has also been our greatest tool in ensuring transparency. We are excited in what’s to come. Members are encouraged to get to know and use our website, overlookhoa.org. The tools and information it provides are greatly appreciated. Subscribing to the Mailing List ensures your getting all information and in a reasonable amount of time.

 Four of the Director positions will be on the ballot for this year. Gary Zedalis’s term is up. He will be rerunning for one of the positions  available this year on our Water Board and would appreciate your vote.  Jerry Peterson and Mark Montoya were appointed to the Board and helped steady the ship.  As appointees their terms  expire at the annual OLHOA meeting. They are motivated to continue with the mission and request your vote. Dorothy Curry who stepped  in when we were in dire need of an experienced Treasurer, was also appointed and her term ends at the annual meeting.  She is not running for a Board position.   

We encourage homeowners to run for the Board. If you are interested in running , please contact Jerry at (jerrypblarg@icloud.com or 425-736-7936) or send an email to overlook.hoa.org@gmail.com, so that we can add your candidacy to the list of nominees on the ballot.  Due to the spread out nature of our HOA, not everyone knows everyone else and so if you are willing to run, we will need a brief biographical sketch with relevant experience similar to the ones posted under the Homeowners Board page on the website.

We also have two bylaw amendments for the HOA’s consideration.  The first of these is consistent with the current Board’s decision to limit the Board’s spending to a maximum of $2,000 on a specific project unless it qualified as a community emergency without putting it to a vote of the HOA members.  The second amendment is related to the establishment of an IT committee and the rules that should be established for its functioning.

We realize the importance of our committees, who function for specific purposes. They are the backbone that keep us afloat  and the main reason for our successes.  Committee members are free from nearly all Board concerns and are able to focus on those tasks, duties and/ or responsibilities they volunteered to contribute to ‘The Overlook’. Soon, you will be able to see all our Committees and their mission listed at our website. It will also include contact information, if you’d like to be part of a team.  We believe that among our HOA members are a wide range of knowledge and skills that could help make our community even stronger than it has been and could contribute to a much stronger committee system.

Voting will occur at the Annual Meeting on Sunday 1:00 p.m. January 29, 2023. The date has been changed from January 28 which is a Saturday and could interfere with Library operations. We are sorry for the date change reported in the last Board Minutes. Mail in ballots will be accepted up to the time of the Board meeting. Proxy votes are prohibited by the CC&Rs. You can also request to vote online by emailing overlook.hoa.org@gmail.com.

Our Overlook Water Board annual meeting will immediately follow the HOA meeting and elections for the Water Board will also occur at that time.  Candidates for the Water Board positions will be sent out with the January water bill.

Thanks for your help and Support!


Your 2022 OLHOA Board